Longyuan’s Commission:
We endeavor to develop Longyuan to become a leading brand as a hand tool manufacturer and to make our customers a better life style with our products.

Longyuan’s Desire:
We wish to provide the global market with our service and to lead the industry to a more updated level and to build a better future together with our clients and counterparts.

Longyuan’s Guideline:
We focus on the realization of the true value for this brand and the growth in it. In the meantime, we keep it deep in our mind to offer better opportunities and benefits to our employees and customers so as to perform a better social return.

Longyuan’s Attitude:
We always held an active healthy and positive attitude towards our customers and counterparts with our true sincerity and kindness.

Longyuan’s Conception:
We operate the brand in such ways as providing smiling service, taking rational actions and possessing ethical qualities to win the support of our customers. We never stop the effort to stand on our customers’ side to think of their needs so as to perfect our products in explicit details. We are always after the efficiency and satisfied with the idea of innovation and development.

Longyuan’s Spirit:
Our working groups always think highly of the spirits as follow: being loyal to the group, being reverent to learning and veterans and being united when they work together. Always staying in full sail when complete a task, our groups are intrepid to face competitions and to test out their limits. They are open to communications and they are always quick to act.

Longyuan’s Regulation:
We hold the concepts that in-house training is the biggest and foremost benefits we can offer to our employees. Regulations are our formal expression of love to them.


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