HOTAK TOOLS is one of the leading Chinese specialists in the manufacturing of high quality hexagon and torx key wrench, staple gun, precision screwdriver, hobby knife and other high class hand tool set. This is something that everyone in LONGYUAN takes great pride in. the last few years we have developed a large quantity of new quality products, our research and development is a non-stop program to design and manufacture innovative tools for the marketing needs.
We are well on our way to positioning HOTAK brand products for growth in hand tools industry. Quality with a competitive price structure, we have capability to produce more accuracy and efficient quality tools no matter in our brand name HOTAK or your private brand OEM products line. It is our mission to make sure you are 100% guarantee satisfied. We have published this new booklet as a user friendly guide to show how our products can help to build a more productive job. our current full range of product is represented in combined format for easy of reference. The information supplied here will help you make a more informed.
I wish you the very best and thank you for your interest in product.


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